Pin-Configuration of the ECG-Chip AD8232


I read the datasheet of the ECG-Chip AD8232, because I want to build a ECG by connecting the AD8232 board to the arduino. I wonder which funktionality the pins LO+ LO- and SD have, because I could not find it in the data sheet. Can anybody help me?
Here is also a link to the homepage:

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Did you read further into the tutorial on the Sparkfun site?
This might help to;
This might help too;

All I did was Google;

ad8232 with arduino

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thanks, I had already this information. But my point is, what is the function of LO-, LO+ and SDN?
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If you read the code in the site I posted.
LO- and LO+ are outputs from the module to indicate if either or both sensors have fallen off, a very important thing to know.
SND is the SHUTDOWN pin, leave it open and the module will operate, pull it HIGH and you shutdown or disable the module.

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