PIN Controlled Door lock

Morning/Afternoon/Evening Folks (Whichever applies to you)

I'm doing a security based project.

I was thinking of doing something like a Pin controlled door lock.

So a user would come up to the door and enter a valid PIN, this would then open the door, using something to open a slider lock or something of that nature.

If the user enters an incorrect pin, a webcam/camera attatched to the ARduino would take a picture of the person and send this to the owners phone.

In your humble opinions is this possible with an Arduino?
Thanks in advance

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I’ve never worked with camera+Arduino (I believe that’s the worst part in this project), so I google “arduino take picture”, and I recive several results, for example this. So, I believe that it’s possible to do what you’re trying to do.

I agree

An RS232 camera device that creates jpeg images is the simplest option. The ov7670 camera modules are very hard to use as they don't output jpeg

Sending to mobile phone part of the spec indicates you want to send via email or possibly MMS, or perhaps twitter or instragram etc etc.
Internet data needs either a wired Internet module or a wifi module of some sort, there are multiple versions of both types that cold be used, or use an Arduino Yun.

Not sure how to send via MMS

Hey guys thanks for your input!

I agree that the camera aspect would be the most dificult but who doesn't love a good challenge?

And yes I was thinking of using WiFi to send the image to a phone, thank you for the Yun suggestion.
Hopefully it all comes together!