Pin Header Location (Botto vs Top layer)

Dear All

I start to try to design simple shield.
It' a shield with shift register on it.

I try to use an Eagle library for the shield, from Adafruit and Sparkfun ... to make sure that the pinheader is at the right place.

Any thing went good until I realize that all the pin-header pad is located at the bottom layer.
It means that all pin header will facing "UP".

As a shield, the male pin-header need to be faced "DOWN", and it means that the pads will have to be at the Top-layer.

My question , how to move the pads to TOP-Layer ?
Alternatively , how to make the pads exist in both layer ?


Typically through-hole components will have pads on the top and bottom layer.

The Sparkfun library I downloaded has several shield layouts and they all have pads on the top and bottom layer. (This can be easily verified by turning off the top (1) or bottom (16) layer.)