Pin mapping from Uno to Mega2560 question

I want to use a library to talk to a HX711. This library is the one I want to use:

The data and clock pins are specified as A2 and A3 respectively. I’ve seen a tutorial using this library on a Arduino Uno.
I am using a Arduino Mega2560. What are pins A2,A3 on the Uno equivalent to on the Mega???

I assume pins 2, 3 on the Mega but want to make sure.
Thanks for the help.

It has pins labeled A2 and A3, so.


And Uno pins A2 and A3 are pretty much “just plain pins”, so you should be able to use literally ANY pins to talk to the HX711.
(unlike A4/A5, which have I2C functionality, or 11/12/13 that have SPI…)

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