Pin number for EXTRA button on Prototype Shield?

Hi again everyone!!

Thanks to your help, I have solved several problems already, but there are plenty more down the road. Just beginning, so thank you in advance for your assistance!

I am working on a Prototype Shield, identical to the one shown in the link below (with the small white breadboard already adhered to it). The shield has a reset button, but it also has a spare momentary button wired in for use in projects. The only problem is, I'm not entirely sure how to make use of this button. I was hoping someone with some past experience can help.

By looking at the underside of the shield, it is clear all four of the switch pins are already soldered to the corresponding through-holes on the board, but it honestly does NOT look like any of the switch pins have traces to any of the header pins (with the exception of MAYBE a ground)... or to any of the open holes of the breadboard. It seems that it is just a standalone switch with no existing connections to any of the available through-holes or headers. Am I missing something??? Is this thing wired to a header pin or a through-hole? If so, which one?? With a board such as this, I am certain that the manufacturers did not intend for the user to have to unsolder the switch in order to make use of the thing.

Thanks for the assistance!!!


Try this, I'm pretty sure these holes are for the Led's and switch.

Thank you kindly!!! :-)