Pin Trouble Using MCP2515 Lib And CAN-BUS Shield

I am working on a project using an Uno (non-R3 AFAIK) and the CAN-BUS shield found here:

To interface with the CAN shield, I am using the MCP2515 lib found here:

Everything appears to be working great and I am able to push custom CAN messages, etc BUT I am unable to use pin 1 (AKA Tx) as a digital input. I have tried setting this pin as an input with the pull-up resistor enabled but it appears to be oscillating between ~4.6V and 0V somewhat non-periodically. I am using the other digital inputs in this manner to translate discrete messages into custom CAN messages. My CS pin is set to pin 10 and the interrupt pin is set to pin 2. I have been digging through the MCP2515 and SPI libraries to find out if they are using this pin but I haven't been able to locate it.

Any help is appreciated.


Have you done a Serial.begin() ?

Let me put that another way. Perhaps post your code?

Read this before posting a programming question

Wow, I am dumb. Tx is being used by the Serial comm object to post serial comm. I apologize for the idiocy.