Pin usage with Humidity sensor sensirion SHT71

I am working on a datalogger. The logger contains:

  • a Libelium SD Card reader/ writer (taking 7 digital Pins- a complete jumper block)
  • a RTC 1307 (taking 2 analogue inputs and 5V/ ground)
  • two buttons (taking 2 analogue inputs and 5V-
  • serial communication (Pin 0 and 1)
    and as much humity sensors I can use (AND HERE IS THE ISSUE)

I am running out of Pins having the Arduino Duemilanove. :-/

Looking to the remaining jumper block (6 Pins free only) it takes Pin 2 (sensiriondataPin) and 3 (sensirionclockPin) for common data reading. The remaining Pins 7, 6, 5 and 4 are used to power up the 4sensor required. I am using the library from Arduino playground.

Here is my question: How can I move the sensiriondataPin and sensirionclockPin to other Pins to have more sensors used? :-?

Free Pins are: 2x"Analog in" and 2x"Digital in" (0 and 1 reserved for TX and RX)