PING - an ongoing quest

I have a couple of projects on the go just now and I want to be able to PING the arduino to see if it is “there”.

I know PING is no longer the “preferred method” of doing this - from other searches - but as it is on a local network, and other devices are pinged to identify them, sticking with what I have seems the way to go.

Alas all my searches for PING have been to allow the arduino to ping other addresses - or Ultrasonic sensor readings.

One of the Arduinos is the NodeMCU wifi one.

Another is the ethernet equipped Arduino.

Thanks in advance.

lost_and_confused: I know PING is no longer the "preferred method" of doing this

What makes you think that?

Once it is connected to the network and once it gets an IP address, you can just ping it, no magic involved.



That isn't how it was explained to me but I shall give it a go.

I am only asking because I am sure (well more than 70%) that I had tried and didn't get a ping response.

But........ I could be wrong.

Try again.

Yes, I stand corrected.

It does work.