PING)) controlling Neopixel Stick 8.

My project is a parking garage sensor, should be simple yeah... but of course I have to complicate things. The mother inlaw keeps running into the wall and her tennis ball hanging from the ceiling is not cutting it for her old baggy eyes. I need some guidance on this one. I am fairly new to this and this is my first post so please be kind...

I have setup and used all of these individually and I have used the PING)) to trigger individual LEDs. I want to combine all of these and I sssssuuuuuck at this coding stuff and trying to figure out how to combine from one project to the next project. So here is what I want this thing to do:

Hardware: - Arduino Uno - PING)) - PIR - Neopixel Stick 8

Action - - Run on battery - No power consumption from PING or LEDs until motion triggered by PIR. - Motion Trigger turns on PIR - Motion Trigger turns on NeoPixel (Green) - PING stays green until 4 feet - LED turns Yellow from under 4 feet - LED turns RED at 2 feet

PINs - - int pirPIN = 7 - int ledPIN = 6 - int pingPIN = 5

Colors - - Red (255,0,0) - Green (0,255,0) - Yellow (255,255,0)

I will be writing an instructable on this and pointing credit to you guys here. In advance I would like to thank anyone that is willing to help me with this.

BTW - The only write-ups I found that was somewhat close to what I am looking for if for the HC-SR04 which is the PING version that has 4 prongs +,-, Trigger and Echo. The model I have only has 3 +,- and SIG.