PING)) library

hi. i downloaded the PING)).2 library. pasted it in the IDE. when i tried to verify it i got this messege: “Ping does not name a type”. the highlighted code was " Ping ping = Ping(13,0,0)". if i delete any part of this i get a destuction/construction messege.
just learning. tried to find the type reference in the ref section and tutorials-can’t find or i missed it.
could someone please tell me what this means.
could someone also translate what the (13,0,0,) means. this statement comes before the setup(),correct?, what does the 13, 0 and 0 mean. is it pin locations? is there another place to go to to get more keywords and definitions or more importantly something that explains the “flow” or “tree” -for lack of better descriptions- better for the structure?

i downloaded the PING)).2 library.

  1. From where?
  2. Where did you put it?

Downloaded libraries should go in a specific place on your PC -

To install these third-party libraries, create a directory called libraries within your sketchbook directory. Then unzip the library there. For example, to install the DateTime library, its files should be in the /libraries/DateTime sub-folder of your sketchbook folder.

i got the library fromt the forum here -,106043.0.html
i selected all,copied and pasted it on the IDE when i opened it. then verified.
thanks for the link to the arduino guide/library! :smiley: i have a question for that though. how did you find that page? i haven’t seen it before(obviously!), tried to edit the address down to the guide part but it dosen’t take you to a page you can go anywhere from. seriously, i’m not trying to be a smartass, but i don’t want to have to get to this forum post every time i need to look at it for something cause it looks like i’m gonna need it alot.

It's linked from the 'Contributed Libraries' section on