ping pong ball catching robot

Hi every one i want to make a robot like this video ( Red Ball Tracking Robot Arm (Machine Vision/image processing) - KIRMIZI TOP YAKALAYAN ROBOT KOL - YouTube )
Where should I start for the project. I would be glad if you can help ?

Hi, sorry it doesn't catch a ping pong ball, it finds it on the table, picks it up and puts it in a box.
The title of the video "PC BASED robot arm" , so a bit more than an arduino and a camera would be needed.
In fact the PC would be doing most of the work, an Arduino would probably be to control the servos.
I see a 40pin chip on a bit of PCB but that is probably an interface circuit.
Do you have any programming or electronic experience?
This project was a University diploma project and involves image processing, not a simple learn in 5 minutes Saturday arvo project.

Tom........ :slight_smile:

Thank you Tom. I researched a little after your answer .
i found more info and a graduation project in this blog >>
You are right, this project has an image processing via pc . i want to use Processing for image processing part it's doing red object tracking for finding ping pong ball , i can do it. But i havent idea for servo control with arduino i need your help?