Ping pong launcher

Dear experts!

We have a project in school in a course based of arduino. The project is to create a ping pong launcher with help of a fan and a servo motor. The fan shall shoot the ball while the servomotor adjust the angle of the pipe.

We got following:

1 arduino
1 monster moto shield
1 servo motor
1 12V fan
1 breadboard

We need help with the code and connection to the breadboard.

Appriciete your help!


Jonken and Melle

Break the project into small steps, and understand each step before putting them all together.

For example, connect just the servo and learn to operate it. There are plenty of tutorials, which are easy to find by searching for "arduino servo tutorial".

Then move on to controlling the fan. If you plan to use the motor shield for that, example code may be provided by the seller for connecting and operating a motor.

Do NOT power either the motor or the servo from the Arduino. Use a separate power supply and connect the grounds together.

Before you do anything else work out how you are going to connect the fan to the launch tube and then find out IF you can launch the ball at all!