Ping Response time not stable

Hello All, My name is ronny and i am very newbie with arduino uno. first of all, i have arduino uno r3 and ethernet shield ( Han Run ). what is my problem is, after i plug the etheret shield with arduino uno and upload sketch from sample ( web server ) than i ping the response sometime RTO but sometime not. my question is, is it normal or not..? for just information, my OS is ubuntu 14.04 64bit, ipaddress for arduino is thanks for yours attention

Best Regards Ronny tri

Hi Ronny

HanRun are only the maker of the Ethernet socket that’s used.

I don’t use Linux but I do use Uno’s with ethernet and did have some minor issues with failed packets but that turned out to be my fault for two reasons.

  1. Too many debug serial statements which slowed things for some reason.
  2. Too many delays between the serial statements and the actual upload code to an external website.

Maybe post the code that you are using and somebody can offer you a bit more advice.
but PLEASE PLEASE USE CODE TAGS ( </> ) is a public IP address which raises the question of what is the path between your Ubuntu machine and the Uno? It may involve many hops or some such (even if they are sitting next to each other). I would have expected your experiments to be on some sort of LAN which typically is 192.168.?.? or 10.?.?.?