Ping sensor and Xbee

Hey folks, I posted this on the sensors section, but thought I would seek some answers from the Xbee crowd.

I am trying to move a car a certain distance...say 12' and need the driver to have a visual indicator of how far away he is from his target (when he needs to stop). This is easy with a ping, uno and a handful of LEDs. Built and tested and works quite well. Now I need to mount the ping sensor at the target location and transmit the distance traveled data to a remote indicator in the car (dashboard). For reasons that are difficult to explain here I need to keep the ping sensor by the target location...home base.

Is it possible to to transmit the data using Xbee and an uno? I assume so. Can I just use an Xbee on the receiver end utilizing its IO for my remote indicator or do I also need and Arduino at that end too.