Ping Sensor two black bars on LCD

I searched but did not find anything relevant.

I am brand new to Arduino.

I am trying to run the sample Ping application.

The code compiles but all I get is two black bars on the LCD also the LED on the Ping module never lights.

I believe the two black bars means the LCD has not been initialized.

The Ping))) sensor I have is from Radio Shack,ProductName

Thanks for the help.


Darn, the output is going to the "Serial Monitor" not the LCD. That is why the LCD is not initiated.

Now how do I get Mac OS X 10.6 Terminal to recognize the Arduino?

Guess I'll have to ask in another thread. :~d.

There is a serial monitor (Terminal program) as part of the IDE. If you're using a 1.0+ version of the software, it's the magnifying glass icon top right.