ping sensors, simple message system and max msp

hi again

following on from this thread of a few months ago:

i have now got a couple of ping sensors and have got as far as wiring one up to my diecimila and getting numeric responses in the arduino window, aside from doing numerous other learning examples

as i want to get max msp to read these numbers and then do things with them i have started looking into the simple message system library here on the arduino website. it seems to have installed ok but there are a few things on the max msp side which i am unsure about, so hopefully someone can give me some advice :

  • how do i make sure that max msp is reading from the correct com port?

  • i am using an old version of max (4.3) and it doesnt recognise the itoa object, i have tried to download an external object for it from the ircam site but i get a bin file named EllisonFAT.sea.bin which i have no idea what to do with. any ideas?

  • as i want to hopefully use 6 (or maybe 8) sensors then is this simple message system the right way to go? or is there another method to send sensor values from arduino to max which i am so far unaware of?

i am using windows xp by the way

many thanks for any advice

hi again, i am sorry but i am getting confused, more than usual. i have just been using one ping sensor set up with this code here little-scale: Ping Time and i have managed to sort out the com port problem (i think i have to upload the code and then switch the port).
though the only value recognised in the max window is 0 - why is this as the ping sensor seems to be quickly flashing?

if i upload the simple message system to the board and open that patch in maxmsp then nothing seems to work, and i still cant work out what to do about the itoa missing object. is there anything else around which will do the job the same?

forgive my lack of knowledge but it is coming very slowly so if anyone can give my any information or advice then it would be much appreciated

many thanks