Ping))) tutorial fail

I have a arduino Mega with a Ping))) sensor. The serial values don't make sense.

They vary from 50-60" while the real distance is different. It looks like the ping doesn't respond to the distance or something. I'm using the example code.

Is this a common error? With kind regards Machiel

Hi Machiel,

Same problem here :-/ I just posted something not realizing that there are others with this exact same problem. There's another recent post in the troubleshooting section of this forum. If you find a solution I'd love to hear about it!


Im trying other ports but I can't seem to get anything right....

Do you also have an Arduino Mega?

Okay, I got it done!

I used pin 50 instead of analog pin 7 and, there we have it! it workz :D

Huh? Serious? What's so special about pin 50 then?

I have a mega here, but I was planning on using a Duemilanove. Would you please to explain a bit more about your findings? Maybe post a little example sketch?