PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (#28015)

I'm using PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (#28015) with Arduino Mega, and in my project i have to install the sensor remotely, what is the maximum length of the signal wire between this sensor and the arduino mega can be ?


How remote is "remote"? Do a test with the usual short hookup wires until you have reliable data. Now use longer lines and see if you still get useful results. At some distance, perhaps 1-2M, the expected sharp logic signal will degrade due to ringing or the opposite slow rise time. An oscilloscope is helpful if you have one. A pullup resistor can sometimes help to reduce ringing. A pair of bidirectional line driver/receiver chips can extend the range somewhat. The use of the same line for input & output complicates the problem. The HC-SR04 sensor with seperate signals may work better and only costs $3-$4.

Note that regular digital logic is not intended for long distances. A remote sensor usually requires a remote Arduino.

Or, depending on your budget, a couple of XBees.


i connected the PING sensor remotely with 21 meters from the UNO with cat5 cable and it works probably.