PING Ultrasonic Range Finder timeout?


I'm relatively new to the Arduino community. I'm an artist using arduino in a series of simple interactive machines. My first project involves the Ping Sensor - detecting distance then outputting text/graphics through a thermal printer based on this input.

I've got the framework pretty much working out how I want it to, but when "stress testing" the set up I have noticed that after a prolonged period of inactivity (1+ hour) the ping sensor seems to time out and stop responding (the light stops flashing and it doesn't seem to detect anything anymore). After resetting using the button on the board, the program restarts and works as it should again.

I'm relatively sure that its the ping, the light on the arduino board and the printer stay on.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I forsee this project being set up in situations where it may be inactive for extended periods and would prefer if it didnt require a "reset" to get started again.


Usually when the Arduino stops doing what you want after a period of time it's a software problem. Try blinking the light on Pin 13 each time you do a Ping so you can see if it is the Ping that stopped working or the sketch that has stopped pinging.