Pingpong robot panning

Hello guys have a nice day.. i have a problem on my project. I'm confused of what is happening on my code.. the first time i uploaded it to my arduino uno it works well but later i have a problem...
this is the code:


here is the picture of my project.
the LED on + & - should not lit unless the push button is pressed, but what happen now is that after i uploaded the program either of the LED on + & - will lit. It should the LED on power will lit.. can any one help fix this problem on mine... thank you very much...

Here is the Schematic Diagram:

Read the forum guidelinees.

Format your code with the IDE autoformat tool.

Go back and put your code onto code tags.

Do you have pulldown resistors wired to the switch inputs?

Post a schematic.

Apart from being almost unreadable code, the block above seems to achieve something twice

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