Pinout differences between UNO and Mega 2560

Hello everyone!

I'm having some issues with making the LCD TFT shield work on my Arduino Mega.

Due to wrong item description, I've bought two Womarts TFT LCD 2.4" shields which were told to work with Mega. After few days and nights trying to make display work, I've found that this shield will not work with Mega (as the seller told me). I've found some threads where people were able to make it work with Arduino Uno.

So, I'm having a question now: if this shield wotks with UNO (can be connected directly to the board, without mudified wiring, and execute skecthes) - is it theoretically possible to make it work with Mega, and how to do that? Will it be enough to connect board to corresponding pins on Mega? As I understood, the main difference between UNO and Mega is in pins (LCD board connects to power pins, A0-A4 pins and 13-2 pins on Arduino). I see that the difference can be in pins ## 2-13. Am I right with that? Which pins should I use on Mega instead of 2-13?

DmitryR: the LCD TFT shield

What is [u]the[/u] LCD TFT shield? I didn't realize there was only one.

I think so, if you look on the arduino site or just google (image), Uno pinout and Mega pinout you can examine to compare the differences.

For example the SCK pin no Uno is D13 and on the Mega its 52, you’ll need to look at the shield info and see which pins it needs (if any) and go from there…

Hope this helps, i’m new to all this so I may be completely wrong :roll_eyes: