pins conflict

Hello, i have a problem with connecting two shields to the Arduino (1sheeld Bluetooth & IRTransceiver shield). both of them use the pin 2 and they do not work together. How can this be solved?

By changing the pin that one of them uses physically by cutting a track and making a wire link. as it is likely that pin 2 is being used for its interrupt properties then change one to use pin3 which has similar properties.

You will also need to change any library to reflect this change.

To solve this issue you need to do 2 things: 1. remove physically the conflicting pin of one of both shields 2. in the sketch you will assign another pin to the shield where you removed pin2. This pin must not conflict with the other shield.

Oops, Grumpy_Mike was quicker...

The couple of shields I own you can easily bend the pins on the shield so they don't go into the header on the board or shield that it's installed on. You have to be careful not to bend it more than necessary or bend it back and forth a lot otherwise the pin could eventually break off. In your case I would bend pin 2 on the topmost shield, then use a jumper to connect pin 2 on that shield to the pin you want to use instead of pin 2.

Or you could just snip off the offending pin.