pins for PCB to plug into DIP socket

Hi, Is there a correct header or pin type to use if I want to make a PCB circuit which serves as a direct plug-in replacement for a DIP device? For example, to remove a 28 pin DIP chip from its socket and plug in a small PCB in its place? One row may be surface mount and the other row through hole. Thanks.

Normal 0.1" pin header has wider diameter pins - in some sockets, it will simply not fit, while in others, it will damage the socket so normal IC's don't fit anymore.

What you need is called "machined pin header" - it can be had from china for next to nothing, just like normal pin header.

Excellent, thanks! One side is smaller diameter than the other for plugging into sockets.

I will check that out, thanks. I have a weirduino project in mind for these.