Pins in Encoder board different to instructions


I recently bought the engineering kit and I have managed to install all the software and libraries correctly. However, during the first exercise with encoders in section 2.2 under ROTARY ENCODER: POSITION AND SPEED, whenever I use the command >> readCount(enc) I get the encoder counts inverted (i.e. decreasing instead of increasing).

I have checked all the wiring to ensure it is exactly as it says in the instructions, even following the confusing M+ an M- colour coding. So I know this is right. Could the signals be wrong at source?

After close inspection of the encoder board, it appears that the pinout is different to the datasheet. Looking at the markings on the PCB, it appears that what is marked as output A in the instructions is output B (Purple cable), and output B is in reality output A (Blue cable). Also, the + and - are inverted (see attached diagram). Because of this, even if you do the connections as shown in the instructions and turn the motor in the direction specified, you will get the encoder signals inverted.

Have the encoder specifications changed? Does any one else have the same issue?


Encoder Pinout Changes.png