Pins on Seeed studio Xbee shield


Im having a hard time figuring out what the pins on the on the Xbee Shield v1.1 are corresponding to on the Xbee (and therefore which pins I need to connect to the arduino). Im refering to the both the male and female pins in the picture below. I tried several mails to support, but they just dont seem to understand my fairly simple question. Could someone help me? For ease of explanation, lets say that the left male pin in the picture below is pin 1

Don't you have a multi-meter?

What are you trying to attach the shield to?

Hehe, stupid me. I was so focused on finding a data leaf of some kind that the obvious didnt occur to me.

I would still, however, hear from people who uses this shield. Its not solely a BOB for the Xbee, but also drops the voltage to 3.3v, no clue if that interferes with this metode?

It get power (+5V) from the Arduino, and sends that through a 3.3V voltage regulator, to create power for the XBee. It does not affect the voltage on the Arduino.

I was thinking more on, if the voltage regulator breaks the circuit between the 3.3 Xbee pin and the input 5v pin, making it difficult to identify it. I will try, and report back if I run into problems