Pins reading "HIGH" with no input

I'm working on a switch/case and I wanted each case to be controlled by a different button or switch position. I have three digital pins set up as inputs, but no matter what pins I choose, with the exception of 13, the pins are apparently reading HIGH despite the circuits being open. 5 of the digital pins are outputting to an LED array, but everything in my void loop and setup seems correct. I'm really baffled.

A digital input pin that is wired to a normally open switch contact will cause a floating or non-defined input state. One should use an external pull-down or pull-up resistors, or enable the internal optional software pull up resistor to force the input value to a known state.

The easiest way is to enable the internal pull-up resistor and wire the other end of the switch to ground. This will require you to reverse your 'logic' on what value a 'pushed' switch is. There is much posted on this subject and in the reference documents.


Figures. You get a little sloppy and going back to basics always does the trick. Thanks for the reminder, Lefty. Works great now.