Pins that 2.4" TFT LCD uses on an Arduino Uno

So I have managed to setup my TFT 2.4" LCD on my Uno and things are pretty much good so far, running the adafruit graphics test code.

I would like to use this to make an oscilloscope in future. So if anybody would like to answer my few queries I have got stuck up with:

  1. Any recommended circuit that deals with stepping down input test voltages that would be suitable for my Uno to accept as an analog input?
  2. Since I am using a TFT LCD shield, I need to know which pins are still available on my Uno. Basically what is the set of pins that the shield actually uses?
    Thank you.
  1. Resistive divider, it's a circuits composed of two resistors.
  2. Analog pin A5, and digital D10, 11, 12, 13 - if SD card is not in use.