PIR Detection Cable

Hi everybody,

I try to make something work and I have contacted a lot of Chinese manufacturers but couldn’t get any further,

so I’m searching here for some help ideas or suggestions.

I would like to develop and produce a kind of Infrared Motion Detector Cable - it could look

similar to an LED-Stripe Cable but has the ability to sense a human being as soon as you step over it.

The length of a cable roll should be 40 meters.

I did some very unprofessional art-work that I’ve attached.(To explain the project)

Please get back to me if you have a suggestion or any ideas for me,

Kind regards


If you do manage to get this sensor made, what would you do with the output?

Knowing that someone has stepped over a line somewhere along the 40m is one thing but how do you use the information?

How do you know which direction it was crossed? If somebody crosses the line then crosses back it will be two crosses but no danger.



it will be connected to a wireless alarm module (similar to a wireless doorbell).

It will be used in Museums Indoor and Outdoor, as soon as someone step over it the sensor raises alarm.

thank you for your reply

Sounds like a potential application for a well-constructed IR light barrier system.

In this case it would act as an IR curtain.

Outdoors will need shielding from the Sun and more intricate design/installation.

Have you eliminated PIR sensors (shielded to work only in the targeted area)? If so why?

Cool idea about the train tracks, .....Looks like the patent is blown now, unless you have already filed. :slight_smile:

A more elaborate approach would be laser based. ...... a lá the movie Mission Impossible
Other than PIR, installation would be not be trivial.
Another approach would be to use technology like "Foot-fall" counting like in Shopping malls. Could be done with a Raspberry Pi (Or similar) & cameras.