PIR Motion detector sensor

Hey friends.
i'm working on an intrusion detection system using a pir,arduino,camera and i want in any case there's a movement in the room, the sensor will be triggered and from that,the owner of the house will be able to look for a video inside the room or check the picture sent to the e-mail.
Any help will be appreciated.Its my academic project.Help me.

What level of project is this e.g. school or college?
Were you given this project or did you decide on it yourself?
Why are you using an Arduino rather than a Raspberry Pi?
What knowledge and skills do you have with the Arduino?

its just a college project(in ending 3rd year in a college)
i decided to do it,and it has been accepted by the pannel.
Raspberry Pi is too much costly for me. that's why i decided arduino.
I'm skilled in c, but in not too familiar with Arduino.
Waiting to hear from You.

For motion detection you'll need image processing software, and for video streaming at least the power of a RasPi.

The Pi is a much better technical fit for the project you outlined. The Pi will be a bit more expensive but I would have thought the Arduino would be roughly 2/3 of the price so not that great a difference. Plus the Pi has a lot of built in facilities that you may need to add on to the Arduino e.g. ethernet, wireless, hdmi . You might want to think again about this if it is not already set in stone.

Maybe you should post more of the project description that you gave the panel.
What are the timescales?

The Arduino is great for control but not for image processing.
Get a PIR that does detects movement and gives you a contact closure.
Get a camera that can be operated by the Arduino, it sounds like you need it to be able to take both stills and video.
Here is a list of cameras (there may be other better ones) 10 Best Arduino Cameras

The Arduino can monitor the PIR. Once the PIR detects movement the Arduino can send an email. You will probably want a wireless or ethernet shield for this. The Arduino also needs to then operate the camera to take stills and video. The Arduino has very limited memory. Images could be stored to an SD card or streamed straight back to another device, probably a PC.

The image handling would be a lot simpler with a Pi because a PC user could use the wireless connection built into the Pi and VNCViewer to see" what the Pi camera can see.

So your project is probably possible but there is a lot to learn. Start doing very simple programs on the Arduino ASAP and work through the examples to build up to your project.

the timescale is limited.
probably in july,will be the final project defence.
i'm currently starting for a small practice in Arduino and going thru tutorials.
Actually, i was thinking to use GSM,in giving notifications to owner,but the pannel suggested me to use camera,instead of having annoying notifications.
And that's why i's talking about an camera.

Please in need hear from you.

Here is my e-mail: shyakalee@gmail.com
in a newbie here.i opened my account today. im happy hearing from you.
Any Help will be appreciated.

The way the forum works is that you try and do your project yourself and if you get stuck people here will try and help.

I understand why a camera would be useful but I don't understand why the panel suggested it instead of "annoying notifications".

If you think about a house 99.99% of the time nothing worth worrying about is happening so you would be completely wasting your time looking at the camera output. What you want is a notification to tell you the PIR has detected motion then you look at the camera, that way you only look at the camera when something interesting is actually happening.
Using the camera you can then tell if it is a false alarm such as a deer setting of the PIR or if the police need to be called.

I'd use an action or other wireless camera, that can transmit a video stream without additional soft- or hardware. Then an Arduino can use an ordinary PIR sensor, to detect motion and do whatever is expected.

And now i trully understand how useful notifications are.
But with a limited time i have,concerned to what the pannel suggested me to work on, i want to use a camera,arduino with ethernet shield and a pir sensor.

I've made some ressearch,about the way you can access devices connected to arduino, but somehow confusing me, because because i was not familial with arduino.

Just wondering: what's your innovation on this?

What you described, the cheap security camera that I bought a few years ago can do as well - and on top of that you can control that camera through your web browser (pan and tilt the camera for different views). No PIR sensor; it uses the camera itself for motion detection (and at night it switches on a set of IR LEDs for night vision).