Pir motion sensor and elegoo with red led need help

Hello all. I just got my first elegoo and plan to get an arduino once I have practiced more on my elegoo. I have downloaded arduino ide on windows configured the ports compiled and uploaded a program that I got from this tutorial.

I have hooked it up properly I think the app is installed properly. It is supposed to light an led when there is motion in front of the sensor. The problem is that them red light is always on so there’s is no low signal coming through from the sensor. There are two potentiometers on it I tried moving them around and nothing changes. Everything looks right to me. There is a little button no my elegoo. How do you start or restart the app is that what the little button is for. Anyways hope someone here may have some tips thanks for. Any help.

Your wiring is not correct. Please connect VCC pin of senor to 5v pin of Arduino. See the detail instruction on this motion sensor tutorial

Hey thanks for the tip yes the red wire is hooked into 5v I added another picture to show this.

How about your code? did you try running the code in the tutorial I mentioned?

Hello. Thanks for the help. My red and black wire were backwards. Thanks it works now.