PIR Motion Sensor Project

I am attempting to complete a project where I wish to trigger a sound track using a PIR motion sensor when a person walks past. I have encounter a few issues as I am a student and have little knowledge in this.

  1. I have purchased the Arduino Uno and an Audio Shield kit. However, I am unsure as to how to connect all of them together (hardwire) with the PIR motion sensor also. The Audio shield is because I am running the sound from a laptop into a theatre PA system with a digital sound desk.

2.The track I have prepared has been made with adobe audition, from what I have read I may not be able to run it from this software? Is it possible or will I need to export it to use it. I was hoping to use the multi track feature.

  1. I have no experience with coding and require a code that would run this.

Any help would be appreciated!

What Audio Shield kit did you purchase. There are many. Typically, they come with an arduino library which also comes with examples on how to use it. That is usually a good starting point for any project.

As for the sound track, it usually needs to be on an SD card that is installed into the audio shield. You don't play it directly from your PC, you play it from the Arduino.

Google......... arduino sd card pir sensor....and select videos and see what comes up.

I'd use a DF Player for this - that works well. Has stereo line outputs to connect to your PA system.