PIR motion to play sound from list, then play next sound in list on next motion

I am programming a Sparkfun Papa Soundie (Arduino) with a PIR motion sensor to play a sound from the installed sd card, proceeding to the next sound in the list on the next PIR motion trigger. (Sounds on the sd card are required to have a 7.3 naming structure such as audio01.wav, audio02.wav, audio03.wav, etc.)

When the sequence of motions/sounds reaches the end of the list I need to have it reset to play from the beginning on the next motion.

I'm pretty new to programming and would appreciate any help. Thanks

I should note: I am fairly familiar with the basics of Arduino programming. It’s the language for stepping through the list of sounds on each motion trigger and reset that I am puzzled by. Thanks.

Just look at the examples that come with the libiary.

I've looked at the library examples and haven't found anything that applies to what I am trying to do. How can I step through a list of sounds with each motion trigger? I think this is probably simple Arduino language but beyond my knowledge at the moment.

Post a link to the library you are using. Post your best attempt at trying to do this.

Have you written code that simply counts the number of times the PIR sensor has been triggered and prints it out to the monitor window? That is where to start. Get that going first.

Then have an array of strings ( note not Strings the initial capital is meaningful), each string will be a file name. Use the count of the PIR trigger as an index to the array and call up the file you want to play using this array.