PIR sensor detects motions plays MP3 file

Hi everyone m this is my first time using arduino and I have zero experince I'm C programming.My project is relatively simple where the PIR sensor detects motion and sends it to the Arduino UNO which that will trigger the MP3 file.should I use and MP3 shield or MP3 Trigger??and also can some help me with the codes!!plz!:slight_smile:

Hi, First get the PIR motion sensor working. See the ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI here:

There is example code there you could modify.

Some MP3 player modules can be controlled by a serial output.

Can I use the project without the sensor shield and use an mP3 shield instead??also instead of connecting the buzzer can I connect the MP3 shield to the output pin?bear with me plz,it's my first time!!

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