PIR touch sensor?

I was just wondering about the feasibility of this as an idea; I was looking for touch sensors that would work through clothing and would only work off of detecting a person; captive touch would be highly unreliable through clothing, and IR detectors with an emitter LED and receiver will work off of anything that’s put infront of them human or not making them non ideal. And so I thought about PIR sensors.

As I understand it they detect the IR signature of a human and will trigger if they detect a change in IR levels around them. I was wondering whether this could be turned into a short range touch sensor; if you could measure the level of IR detected from the sensor and if it was high enough (due to a person being close enough) it would count as a touch?

Has anyone ever done anything like this or is there some obvious reason I’ve missed as to why it wouldn’t be feasible?

Edit: it does sort of look like it could be possible maybe?
youtube link here