PIR Trigger

I have a bit of problem regarding using a PIR sensor which outputs HIGH (when there's motion) and LOW(when there's none).

The PIR only goes HIGH momentarily when there's a motion detected, so as the LED turned on only for that moment.

What I want is when there's a motion the PIR output goes HIGH, and counter will start for example 60 sec, and the LED will turn on and remain still until the counter will reach zero.
The counter will reset if there's a motion detected(PIR = HIGH), and the LED will be "on" still.
The LED will just turn off if the counter will reach ZERO.

Can anybody help me with this?

I am having problem in using FOR loop for the counter.

Thank you very much!

You don't need a for loop.

Store the time, with millis(), when the PIR goes high and turn on the LED. Keep comparing current millis() with stored time + 60000 (millis() in one minute).

Look at the BlinkWithoutDelay example sketch.

Thanks for the tip. I gonna try it now.