PIR with Dvr

Ok I am a new to this arduino stuff so please bear with me. It is slightly diffrent than my old pic kit 2 I had a few years ago! Any way I was wondering how hard it could be to make a pir sencing dvr and to set it up to record as soon as its triggered till there is atleast 15sec of no moution? One more question kinda off topic here but I have an uno, am I able to program the chip, pull the chip, put the chip on my proto board, put power to it and use it like a normal chip (like my old pic chips) or must it stay on the board due to supported devices?

Sorry if this is in the wrong area.

PIR sensors are easy enough and there are libraries for IR remote control which is likely to allow you to start and stop your DVR. That and a little software will get you what you want.

You can take the ATmega chip out of the UNO and put it on a proto board with a few components: 16 MHz resonator (or crystal and load capacitors), pull up resistor for Reset, 4-6V power. These instructions include a voltage regulator and reset button which are probably overkill for your needs: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Standalone