pitch problems

Hi all, I just received a cywm6935 radio from mouser, and it has a 2x5 pin male header with 2mm spacing. What is the easiest way to connect this to my arduino/breadboard?


Assuming you are just playing for the moment, just solder a few wires to the header and poke them into the breadboard/Arduino connector.

is there a way to wire it without soldering? thanks!

is there a way to wire it without soldering?

Wrap them around, finish off by giving them some tape?

tried that with solid core wire, it was too big and it shorted the adjacent pins. I will try tomorrow with stranded wire. Thanks!

Yeah, strnaded wire is worse. Then you have tons of little wires shorting instead of one easier to fix one.

Might be worth it to get a soldering iron if you don't have one, but definitely you should solder it if you do have an iron.