Pixels: Open source TFT LCD graphics library for Arduino

Pixels library highlights:

  • supports the basic graphics primitives
  • antialiasing (optional)
  • uses converted TTF fonts for a text output
  • draws raw and compressed RGB565 bitmaps
  • smooth hardware scrolling
  • communication interfaces: software SPI (8 bit, 9 bit), hardware SPI (8 bit, 9 bit), PPI8, PPI16
  • native for Pixelmeister

Currently supported device controllers: HX8340, HX8352, ILI9163 (Arduino Robot LCD), ILI9325, ILI9341, ILI9481, S6D0164, S6D1121, SSD1289, ST7735.

If your controller is not listed, there is a device driver template to port the library for a new device in few simple steps.