Pixels to Punches: Kung Fooey

The above video shows the game in action.

The source code can be downloaded from

The project uses some modified graphics from the NES Game Kung Fu. The goal was to see if it were possible to create a basic fighting game on the Arduino with a competent AI. The out of the box AI is pretty much unbeatable. It will give you a relentless beating as shown in the video above.

The project uses the I2CU Game Platform which costs all of about $11 in parts and can be assembled without any solder. No hot things and no sharp things required.


You can see more about the platform and download additional games at the link above.

I have Tetris, Dinosaur, Space Invaders and Basketball completed.

The next steps mostly involve making videos and writing up documentations to turn it into a full curriculum that makes learning how to make games more accessible.