Pixhawk Autopilot + Arduino Gsm shield

I can't confirm if these two (Pixhawk Autopilot + Arduino Gsm shield) will work together.

What I'm trying to do is connect the arduino GSM shield directly on the Pixhawk without using an arduino base.

So do they work together? Or do i need an arduino base like arduino uno?


This is the GSM Shield schematic.

I figured it should work with any device not just arduino, since it's just a modem.

I need to connect it with the Telemetry port on a Pixhawk.

So i just connect A_Tx from the shield to the Rx on the pixhawk and likewise for A_Rx to Tx. The 5V VCC from the pixhawk to the 5V input on the Shield. And both Analog GND from the shield to the GND of the pixhawk.

Can anyone confirm if this is right?

GSM Shield -> Pixhawk

A_Tx -> Rx A_Rx -> Tx +5V -> Vcc AGND -> GND

But how can i handle flow control?

I know that PX4 is compatible with arduino code but does it have interrupt capabilities on the TELEM1 pins? I could just use the serial interface on the modem(M10) itself and connect the CTS/RTS to TELEM1, would that work?

Thank you for your time.