Pizza oscar at La Lucciola's

For those who live in Ivrea, What are the ingredients of a Pizza Oscar from La Lucciola resturant. Also, is a Quattro Stagione the same as a Pizza Oscar minus the egg? It has beeen over 2 decades since I was in Ivrea for Olivetti. Thanks!

Sorry I can’t help you with the Pizza Oscar, but I bet it was great.
We also spent 5 months in Ivrea in 85-86, with me working for Olivetti. (We actually lived in Vistrorio - a small town in the mountains near there.)

That is not a place where one forgets the food!
(or the wine and the fog)

Ah, The Wine and the fog. Oh yeah. I worked for Olivetti from 81-87 and made numerous trips to Ivrea. I enjoyed them all. Also it was interesting to go up to Aosta valley and visit many of the Roman castles the lined to valley. One of the many nice things about Ivrea, was the food. There was a restaurant a few blocks from the hotel (La Serra) which did not even have a written menu. Each night the “menu” would change as the owner / chief had a different meal for the night. Their son was the waiter, and they only have maybe 5 tables total.
I was talking with my best friend, who also worked for Olivetti, and for 2 years lived in Ivrea, and we were talking about Pizza Oscar. I was hoping that someone who has been to, and / or lives in Ivrea would know the toppings of a Pizza Oscar.
I must confess, that one trip to Ivrea, which was 3 weeks long, I got a little tired of the food at the restaurants there. That weekend we drove up to Geneva and went to a Wendy, here in the US it is called Wendy’s, and had a burger and fries.
One of the things I really miss the most was after dinner, it was very common to get a cafe con grappa. Something the italian restaurants here don’t even know anything about. Heck, most don’t even know what grappa is.