PK266-03A stepper motor

A project i'm working for is building a 3D scanner. For the rotating platform I was able to get a PK266-03A and a pk244pb, i first worked with the pk244pb but noticed it will never be powerful to turn it (i used a driver board with max 2A)

driver board: stepper 244: stepper 266:

Yes its a 3A and this is needed because the max weight will be 25kg! now is the problem what driver board is the best for this? It must be able to deliver 3A and work with my arduino due (output voltage at 3.3V output)

Can somebody help me? This my my first project with a motor + arduino so i'm not that skilled, and don't want to risk the arduino!

Once you exceed the capabilities of the A4988 driver boards and similar products you move into the realm of commercial stepper drivers and hgher prices. There are many to choose from. Google 3A stepper driver or 5A stepper driver. If you need to drive a few motors there appear to be boards available that can drive 4 motors which appear to be better value.

Most of them take the same inputs as the A4988 - step direction and enable and should work with the same code.


Geckodrives seem to be a good compromise in terms of price, such as this one:

You may find cheaper stuff on eBay but caveat emptor. Watch out for "marketing amps" - any device based on a single chip will be unable to drive 3A in practice whatever its datasheet says. Discrete MOSFET H-bridges are required to implement a chopper-drive that handles 3A.