PL2303HX: converter module USB to RS232


I recently purchased this converter to go with a transmitter/receiver I bought. How do I use it? :smiley: It has five pins on the side labelled 3v3 txd rxd gnd +5v

it reads USB to TTL on the back and it's a pl2303hx.

So which is it? USB to TTL (0 to 5V signals), or USB to RS232 (+/- 10V signals)?
Sounds like it has a 3.3V output as well.
See page 18 for a typical usage of the chip with a RS232 transceiver chip.

If TTL, you can connect the Rx & Tx to the appropriate pins on your Arduino; Tx and Rx.

If its RS232, then you need an RS232 adapter to bring the levels from +/-10V down to 0-5V levels.

Does your PC have PL2303 USB drivers installed?

i've used this to program before works nicely providing it's securely connected to the tr/rx pins ..... make sure you install the driver first

I recently purchased this converter to go with a transmitter/receiver I bought. How do I use it?

You might contact the entity you bought it from.

Without a link, picture, or proper model number (the model of just the chip doesn't count), how can anyone here guess what you have?

If you have just the bare chip, then you're going to have to design a board for it to be used.

I am planning to test which voltage is suitable but I think 5v will be fine.

Where do I get the drivers from and why do I need them? I am a little confused...


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The eBay page has a link to the drivers you need.

Recently I bought one similar and plugged it to my lily pad, it works really good, you can see the pinout in the picture, I guess that most of the arduinos with a similar interface can be programed wit this configuration, but please check first the pin out of your boards and compare it with the wire's colors in the picture, by the way in order to upload a sketch in the arduino, at least in my case with the lilypad 168(don't know others) you need to reset the arduino and you have 8 sec to upload the sketch through the "USB to RS232 ttl adapter".

I have to mention that this adapter need a driver in windows, I'm on linux and I don't know what I did but when I plugged it the first time the arduino IDE didn't show me a serial port but after a few days and a system upgrade i guess (sudo apt-get update... upgrade...) the IDE sow me this port "/dev/ttyUSB0" and after that it works really good.

let me show you an other picture with a change more substantial, the same blink sketch with pin 4, near to gnd with a blue led

I never see an other picture like this on internet, and many people asking if this work, you know a picture tells more than a thousand of words!

what about the DTR pin thats required in the usual arduino ?
auto reset pin i guess.. with a 104 ceramic in series..

are you able to use the serial monitor ?

Buenas, donde encuentro los drivers ??/ ah, estoy con win 8
Where can I find the drivers??///im using Win 8.........thanks