Place Video call with Arduino/Processing

Hi all,
I am trying to figure out a way to place a video call with arduino and processing. Specifically, we have someone who is working the front desk at our University, but they can't be in the office starting next semester. I need a way for someone to walk up to the desk, wave their hand over a distance sensor, and have the arduino send something to processing (or a similar program) that will then place a video call from the user's end to the receptionist at home.

I have looked around some of the Google, Zoom, and Teams APIs but I cant really figure out how to get this functionality. The idea is that the user should place the call, and the receptionist can answer it right away. I think the Google Calendar API allows for scheduling for stuff like this, but I need it to be immediate.

Hardware is not an issue on the user-side, as I can use pretty much any arduino module I need to, but the receptionist should only have to be logged into zoom/teams/hangouts and should receive a call as if someone was directly calling them.

Any ideas?

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Google ESP32CAM

It has more computing power for video, a camera and WiFi connectivity to simplify your connection.

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