Places to buy

I'm looking to buy some electronics. I was wanting to see where others were getting good deals.

New or surplus? Surplus will almost always be cheaper...

I shop locally, though 2 of them do ship.

For Surplus - here's one in your backyard, so to speak:

Not so much electronics - but seems like a great place for getting some interesting stuff (certainly gear motors). Never shopped with them before, though.

My favorite places (online) for surplus electronics are All Electronics, Alltronics, and Electronic Goldmine:

Locally, though, I generally get my stuff from Apache Reclamation and Electronics here in Phoenix (they don't have a website or a catalog - walk-in public welcome, though).

A couple of others:

Also, see Lady Ada's list:

The sites mentioned so far are fine, but you should also note that these days many "real" disributers will sell to individuals as long as you meet a relatively modest minimum order requirement. I've had great service from for basic parts and components for sensors and specialty boards They just started. Designers/makers sell their creations there ebay. They have anything you need but beware of poor-quality knockoffs.