Placing string in a fixed memory address on flash

Hi all,

I'm using an STM board, and I would like to place a variable at a fixed address on my flash memory.

#define MYDEF "abcdefg"
const u8 MY_CHAR[]  __attribute__((section(".ARM.__at_0x0blabla"))) = MYDEF;

This worked with KEIL, but now I'm porting the project ( or a part ) to the Arduino IDE.
Does the Arduino core use GCC ? Do I have to change the definition ?

The obvious question is why ?

inherited behavior from a previous project, I have to keep this.

It seems to be an unusual thing to want to do. What reason was there for it in the previous project ?

Don't know exactly, but I need to keep this behaviour

That concerns me. What is it that is making you keep the behaviour ? What will happen if you don't ? Have you got a specification that you are working to and if so, who provided it ?

How is this related to the question of the post?

You appear not to know why you want to do what you state, nor have you stated the requirements in any detail.

Do you have a particular address in mind to store the string in ?
Do you mean that you want to store the string in EEPROM or maybe PROGMEM ?
Is it a string (an array of chars terminated by a zero) or a String (an object created using the String library ?

The more detail that you can give the more chance there is of an answer to your question

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