Plaing a video file on a Tft display

Hello! It is possible to play a video file on a display from a SD card just by power it, without using the board? Of course first time programming the display through the board.
Thank you!

You do not say what "the board" is, but I'm pretty sure the answer is no.

To play any media file on any output device, some form of an interpreter must be placed in the way.
Unless you preprocess the data to be in the output device's input format, then it's just a matter of routing the data. This can be done directly if the storage device and the output device speak the same language, but there is usually still something in between, like an MCU or and ASIC.
The purest example of this is running a serial ROM's data lines through a couple resistors to make a composite video stream that can be viewed on older TVs. This example still requires generation of the sync signal and the ROM addresses to be controlled by a MCU.

Long answer, no you are not likely to succeed in streaming video from an SD card to a TFT display without continuous MCU overhead.

Ok, my main language is not English. Sorry

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Just use a Raspberry pi for this, it has the power to play video & can be scripted to play a video or playlist easily. It can also drive almost any screen.

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You cannot understand me? Please accept my apologies. I am not sure how I could have responded in a way that was easier for you to understand.

There are sections of this forum where other languages are spoken. Perhaps you should check them out.

Hello! I understood you perfectly, but I didn’t know that is not correct to say “the board”.
Thank you

Ok I will do that! Thank you!

Why would I or anyone have a problem with you saying "the board". Can you think of any reason?

I just ask for a solution, I don’t want to argue with you…if you don’t have one just ignore my post. Thank you

So what you're saying is, when people ask questions that don't make any sense, I should not attempt to help them, in case I offended them by pointing out that their question does not make any sense. Got it.

Woah, friend.
I think there's a bit of a misperception going on.

What I see is someone trying to direct you on how to generate a good question, by specifying your components, that is which board instead of the generic term 'the board,' and that you might have an easier time communicating and understanding the answers if you used the section of the site for your native language.

Please try to understand that a lot of the regular contributors are professionals and/or engineers who do this for free and that you will likely be given instructions and asked questions to help you reach the answer and that not complying with these requests is not productive.

I hope you find your fit in this community.

Happy programming!

Ok. First of all thank you all for the answers and I do apologise if I offended anyone this one was not my intention.

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