Planning a Workshop in Cape Town, South Africa

Are there any fellow Capetonians here. I have been thinking about doing this for a while. We have the Soccer World Cup coming up soon so things will be rather hectic in town, lots of tourists, no venues available etc etc

I am busy planning a workshop here in Cape Town for after the World Cup. If anyone is from Cape Town let me know.

I'm Cape Town (well Bellville rather).

I have made a few little things.


Edit: Depending on the amount of replies (which will likely be small), I dont think venue would be an issue. I just cant see 100's of people pitching up :)

Good Idea. What dates are you looking at and can peopel come from other African countries?

Anyone is welcome! I also don't think there will be tons of people coming so it will be cool.

I am looking at around August so that everything can calm down from the World Cup.

Great. Will make plans accordingly.

This would really be helpful august seems cool ,I am new to arduino just ordered a board and things off I would also like to know if there any shops in Cape Town where I could buy other shields ,LEDs ,transistors just basic things to mess around with and the arduino board. I am completely new to arduino and electronics. thanks

I would also like to know if there any shops in Cape Town where I could buy other shields ,LEDs ,transistors just basic things to mess around with and the arduino board.

I get from the following in Cape Town:

  • RS Components (need a CC now to order..., they have a shield or 2, chips, proper Arduino boards), based in Montague Gardens, cheap postage R30. Large selection.
  • Yebo Electronics based in Boston, Bellville. Close to me, got the general stuff, no Arduino stuff. No AVR, except Atmega8-16. Smallish selection.
  • Mantec based in Epping (behind Casino). Medium selection. No Arduino stuff. Quite a few AVR, no Atmega328p though.

I am sure there must be more. Feel free add some to the list :)

Yeah RS components is a hassle when you don't have an account with them and there seems to be a bit of confusion.

However you can buy over the counter, just go and tell them its over the counter sales. I ordered an ATMega328 that way. I phoned in to the Montague Gardens branch, told them i'm buying over the counter and then had to go in to pay for the part. Since they just added Arduino to their catalog at that point, they never had stock and it took about 2 weeks. I paid around R42 excl for the part, but now I see its jumped up to over R60.

If you are in Cape Town and want to build the ZArdino clone the PCBs are being made up as we speak so PM me and I will point you to the supplier.

Otherwise try Netram since they will probably be a lot easier, and they were doing it before RS added it to their catalog.

Would be interested too. Based in Strand and also new to arduino just received a board from


I would also be interested. In Cape Town Upper Gardens. Just got my Arduino

This workshop ever happen? I'm based in Camps Bay, just recieved my arduino from RS and getting sorted. would like to get together for a workshop.

Yes Sir this will be happenening. I will PM you the details when everything is finalized

Give me a call when it happens, I am in Edgemead and had my Arduino 3 weeks, very much a newbie, feeling my way around. I got my first project working , a 2 1/2 axis machine from the mechanism from a plotter.

Hi. I am based in Parklands. I am just about to get started with Arduino. I would be VERY interested.

I'm also based in Cape Town and I'd be keen to come to a workshop.

well thats 10 of us on here :- zageek leppie Kampower zax drac Superdooperhero Roelof Boffin1 Darryn jamesdangereux

plus the Arduino South Africa seems to be growing, so perhaps we can make it happen.

I have posted a similar message on the SA Arduino ( could be all the same guys with different names !)

Cheers John

Hi South African Arduinists :wink:

Has the get together already happened?

I’m in Table View. Would like to attend the workshop.

OK Zageek

its your call


John Edgemead

Hey there mates, gonna start Arduino soon, very excited cause I can see all the applications for it. Just wanted to let ya blokes know another SA dude is getting into it, although I'm in PE, yet moving to Cape Town hopefully within a couple of industry baby! ;D