Planning to buy a DUE, stereo WAV playing?

Dear friends.

I'm planning to buy an Arduino DUE.

I saw the SD WAV player example, in the schematic we can see clearly the output is mono, but when I read the specs of the audio library, it says that use the 2 DACs of the DUE.

If I play a STEREO 44.1Khz 16Bits WAV, will I have the reproduction of the WAV in stereo into the two DACs?

Looking at this reference here is the reason why I think it plays stereo!

Writes an audio signal from a buffer to DAC0 and DAC1

Please confirm my doubts :slight_smile:


If you look at DAC.cpp file in tha audio Library:

You can see, from line 42:

// Enable output channels
  dacc_enable_channel(dac, 0);
  dacc_enable_channel(dac, 1);

Plus the DAC peripheral is programed to output on both DACs in this Library.

Note 1: Never connect your DAC (either DAC0 or DAC1) directly to a speaker or you will burn your DAC.

Note 2: I don't know what sound quality you can get with this Library, search on the internet feed back experiences with it on a DUE.