Planning to step it up a notch...

So I’ve been working on a lot of autonomous robots projects recently, theoretical work… just thinking about what I can do, reading up on the subject, all that. As I have come to conclude, the Arduino is insufficient for the more complex ideas I’ve had. Thus, I’m looking into getting a SBC for myself to start doing some .NET robotics or maybe some linux programming dev. While doing research, I found that SBC’s are a huge field - too many to chose from basically.

I know there are a lot of veterans here, so if anyone can recommend a relatively cheap SBC with good functionality and a small size, that would be great. The one I’m looking at right now is called the “Roboard” (… but my only offense against it is the fact that it has really bad support, sans a small forum and some libraries put together for it.


but my only offense against it is the fact that it has really bad support

Well, if it were good, they wouldn’t be affiliated with the Borg (can’t have those fresh-out-of-college kids Gates likes to hire seeing what a real professional company looks like ;D)

I tend to get nervous around companies that offer “products” but don’t list either (preferably U.S.) distributors or prices. Probably comes from spending so much time in and around Silicon Valley startups that never quite made it…

The fact that it’s got an x86 architecture is interesting: makes it easier to cross-develop, since you can probably do a lot of testing in an environment that’s a good superset of the runtime environment. Fewer surprises from things like switching from little- to big-endian.

Did you get a price from them? It could be a nice alternative to the Netburner.


They are actually well supported in terms of sales - robotshop sells it, trossen robotics sells it, and so does robotsavvy

So they don’t seem terribly “iffy” in that sense, but their forum, which is actually hosted by robotsavvy and not them, only has 1 page worth of q’s, most of which refer to high level stuff. Perhaps it’s because only pros have used this dev platform, although I did get some answers to a few basic questions I had as well on there.